Breaking Barriers to Independent Practice Ownership

Why Franchise with Hear Again America

Hearing loss is the third most common physical health condition behind arthritis and heart disease, affecting people of all ages. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Hearing Loss Association of America, about 48 million Americans report some degree of hearing loss. The market growth for hearing aids is also expanding at an exceptional rate. As the estimated incidence of hearing loss is rapidly increasing in parallel with the aging population, there has never been a better time to operate and own a business in the hearing healthcare space.

This is an exciting opportunity to take part in the life changing work that helps re-connect people and their families. You will find the advances in the technology fascinating, and you’ll be on the leading edge with these offerings as hearing instruments continue their transformation into total communication devices.

The franchise model is designed to be turn-key. Franchisees will be supported by experienced professionals who know the hearing aid industry, have generated substantial income through their retail business, and vetted the highest quality vendor/partners. Our training and education courses are created by subject matter experts and operations leaders; franchisees will be set-up for success.

Why the Hearing Aid Industry

Advanced Technology

Hearing device technology is extremely advanced and includes features desired by the target population. Boomers have become sophisticated healthcare consumers who want cutting-edge, wearable technology that supports a healthy and active lifestyle.


Our devices are essentially invisible, integrate AI, include Bluetooth streaming for wireless communication and direct input of television sound, track health metrics and movement, translate language, and pair to cell phones for user control and “find my device” capabilities.

Reasonable Real Estate Requirements

800-1200 sq feet consisting of a reception area, hearing instrument maintenance lab, treatment and test rooms. Offices can be established in a variety of locations; outdoor strip malls with frequently visited anchor stores, outpatient medical centers, office buildings or individually standing units.

Easy to Operate

Only two staff members are needed to operate a full-time center: One licensed hearing healthcare provider and one patient care coordinator/office manager. Most offices are open during regular business hours, 9-5, M-F.

Who is the investment for?

Entrepreneur image

Entrepreneurs who have a passion for healthcare industry and want to be a part of improving lives through better hearing.

Audiologists image
Hearing Healthcare Professionals

Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists interested in private practice, our expertise, and guidance to avoid potential pitfalls and achieve maximized revenue.

Vision for Excellence image
Vision for Excellence

Those who share the vision that maintaining excellence leads to success and will protect their business in unpredictable economies.

Why is Hear Again America Great for Hearing Healthcare Provider

Why is Hear Again America Great for Hearing Healthcare Providers?

  • If you are seeking independence, flexibility, increased earnings and more control over patient care, Hear Again America Franchising is for you.
  • Opening your own practice has never been easier. Our team is ready to set you up for success. You will benefit from our proven systems, real estate assistance and marketing programs. Franchising with Hear Again America does not mean you are sacrificing independent private practice; you will be leading your team and making your own decisions. We are your behind the scenes support staff.

Want to Grow Your Current Practice? Convert Your Clinic to a Hear Again America Center

The Hear Again America think tank has decades of experience operating successful hearing aid retail centers; we will help advance the growth of your existing business. Our straightforward processes and economies of scale are in place to make you more profitable – no need for outside consultants and hearing aid buying groups. Your franchise team are partners who share your goals.

Ready to get started?

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