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Hear Again America Franchising FAQ

Do I have to be a hearing healthcare professional?

Hear Again America presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs without experience in hearing aid dispensing. There is no requirement for owners to be licensed audiologists or hearing aid specialists. We will assist in recruitment efforts and help you select qualified professionals.

What markets are available?

Hear Again America has premier territories available throughout the United States and open territory in states that currently have corporate Hear Again America centers.

What are the real-estate requirements?

Offices can be established in outdoor retail centers with anchor stores, outpatient medical centers, office buildings or individually standing units. Centers require minimal space requirements of only 800-1200 sq feet.

How do I select a location?

We work with specialists in franchise real-estate and experts in the hearing healthcare space to strategically determine optimal areas for Hear Again America centers.

What are staffing requirements and recommended business hours?

Each full-time center requires two employees: one hearing healthcare provider and one office manager/patient care coordinator. Recommended hours of operation are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

What are the start-up costs?

We feel keeping costs low can be very important for new businesses and we have budgeted accordingly. The estimated initial investment, including the initial franchise fee is $169,100 – $308,450.

Is there financing available?

To make the investment even more accessible, we have formed relationships with several outside financial institutions who already know our business and may be able to help you secure financing.

Ready to get started?

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